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The Quin Laboratory: inventing the future of adhesives

The Quin Laboratory Process: Visualising, Inventing & Testing


Each adhesive begins its life here.

It all starts by determining exactly what the final result will be; what it needs to bond, where it is to be used; anything related to the nature and use of the adhesive.
Only after the vision is set in stone will the process continue.


This is where the fun begins.

Contemplation in the lab

Formulations are calculated, adhesive liquids mixed and put through their paces.

If one component of the formulation isn't giving us the functionality we need, it's back to calculating the formula.

This doesn't stop until we get the exact performance level we want.


Real life testing happens here.

Real Life Testing

Each adhesive suffers the highest stress conditions for their intended application.

If an adhesive passes this test, we'll write a detailed report expressing our approval for its widespread use.

The Quin Laboratory Team: The People who make it happen

Our R & D Team work tirelessly in the lab to test the boundaries of what's possible and create the future of adhesives.

Research Team

The team was recently joined by Barry Churchman, who has quickly become an integral part of the team. Several new procedures have been implemented and we're more focused than ever on creating the best adhesive solutions.

If you've ever got a query about adhesive performance, need some adhesive tested or see a new adhesive by Quin, you can bet these guys are behind it.

The Quin Laboratory: Equipment and Space

Lab Equipment

Having the right equipment to get proper test data is extremely important.

We've recently had an update of our laboratory space to streamline the working processes and improve capabilities.

Part of this included purchasing additional equipment such as a humidity chamber, new peel tester and special heat testing machines. These will enable the team to extract the next level testing data and findings on adhesive performance, so we

can provide more superior adhesives to our clients

The future of adhesives is exciting at Quin! We hope you enjoyed this insight into the inner workings of the top-secret Quin Laboratory, where we're focused on inventing the future of adhesives.

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