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Tensorgrip G67- Ready to be Floored?


Tensorgrip G67- Ready to be Floored?

Imagine if you could cut your carpet tile installation time by as much as 70%, without wasting another second trowelling on your knees. How much more profitable and energetic would you be in 2019?!

Your adhesive innovators at Quin Global have developed a new way to install carpet tile and LVT that could dramatically cut your costs and time while improving the health and wellness of installers. Tensorgrip G67 is a sprayable water-based pressure sensitive flooring adhesive in a canister. It can be used for carpet tile, LVT/LVP, and underlayment, and allows substrates to be laid wet, without giving a permanent bond when dried.


• Water-based adhesive
• Ready for traffic immediately
• Non-flammable
• Extremely high coverage- One 22L canister equivalent to 8-10 trowel pails
• Quick drying - open/working time is 18 hours
• VOC free, California Compliant
• Odor free
• Application rate of over 200 sq. ft per minute
• Applied while standing up
• Flooring can be wet-laid immediately (no tack time)
• Repositionable during installation
• Resistant to plasticizer migration - great for PVC carpet tiles
• Ergonomic, portable system

Tensorgrip G67 is the only portable, all-in-one canister flooring adhesive that can be applied standing up. The 22L canisters sits in our Tensorgrip trolley, designed to glide easily behind the installer, making application seamless and smooth.

Tensorgrip G67, it'll floor you, fast.

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