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Spray Adhesive Company Bonds Over Father’s Day

No two businesses are alike. There is something extremely unique about family-owned businesses. As a family-owned business, Quin Global US has passed down expertise within the spray adhesive industry for three generations.  

Father to Son

The business is about more than just business. It’s about family. With the family’s reputation on the line, Matt, John and Richard Petersen take a great personal interest in professional growth – for both Quin Global and its customers.

With so many options on where and who to partner with when buy spray adhesives in the marketplace, surveys state that this is an important deciding factor when making a purchase.

So, what benefits are there to working with a family-owned business? Here are three:

  • Trust
  • Depend on speed and accuracy of service
  • Assured of strong values

Honoring Fathers – The Good &The Funny!

This Father’s Day, Quin Global US takes a look behind the scenes on what makes a family run by fathers tick! Check out what these father’s had to say, especially in a somewhat sticky situation!


 Watch for more Father’s Day moments coming soon. 

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