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See you at JEC World 2018

Quin Global UK are delighted to announce its attendance at the JEC World Show in Paris at Hall 5 Stand C67 from 6 to 8th of March 2018.

We will be promoting our Tensorgrip TC range which is a unique pressurised adhesive system that is engineered to give an end-to-end solution starting with plug manufacturing through to the finished composite product.

The JEC World Show is the largest composite show in the world and is entirely dedicated to the composite market. The most innovative products, new technological developments and innovations in materials are presented during the 3 day show. It features unique manufacturing and business opportunities and showcases ground-breaking solutions to the composite market. This creates a fantastic networking opportunity where creativity, vision and action are at the forefront and really shows how composite materials are pushing the boundaries of manufacturing.

Samuel Jamieson Strategic Head of Sales, Marketing and R&D said 'We are delighted to be attending the show where we will be presenting our innovative products to the composite market. We recognise the importance of speedy production in the composites industry. That's why we've developed a unique pre-pressurised adhesive system, engineered to give an end-to-end solution. Interested in finding out more, why not come by our stand where our sales team will be able to talk through your requirements and how our products can meet them. We look forward to seeing you in Paris and creating new partnerships and illustrating how our products can really give you peace of mind.'

During the 3-day event, we will be exhibiting our composite range  which will include our infusion and RTM composite moulding range and our plug building range. We will also be displaying our marine range which is designed for many different applications from walls, headliners, furniture and upholstery along with flooring installations. Our adhesive systems eliminate the need to use traditional methods of bonding that are messy, wasteful and time-consuming. TensorGrip® is a spray adhesive that gives you complete control resulting in an even and consistent spray pattern. Our revolutionary TensorGrip® adhesive formulas reduces tack time to less than one minute and speeds up workflow and reduce production time.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with us during the show get in touch with our sales team here. We will also be live on social media so If you're not able to attend why not keep up to date on our twitter  and LinkedIn channels.

You can also find out more about our products through our HOW 2 videos on YouTube. For more information in regards our composite range have a look at our videos here and for more information regarding our plug build range have a look here

We look forward to exhibiting and meeting you all there. To find out more information on Quin Global and TensorGrip® please go to our websites http://www.quinglobal.com/ and http://www.tensorglobal.com/uk or to find out more about the composite adhesive range we are taking to the show have a look at the products below.


TensorGrip - M81 - High Temperature Resistant Laminate Spray Adhesive will provide you with a high-performance contact adhesive which creates a resilient bond line between decorative laminate materials and wood substrates in the marine industry. What's more, it's designed for permanent bonding where immediate bond strength and high heat resistance are needed. 

TensorGrip - M75 - Polystyrene Plug Build Contact Adhesive is a high performance, pressure sensitive, polystyrene compatible adhesive. The M75 is developed to work in conjunction with the M01 or as a stand-alone product. The incredible tack and compatibility with polystyrene makes this product the perfect partner when bonding blocks of polystyrene together or to the sub-deck. If using this product in conjunction with M01, it can be applied to the face ends of the large format blocks. 

TensorGrip - M50 - Fast Dry Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is a fast dry, non-chlorinated adhesive designed for all types of upholstery, seating and wall coverings for boat/yacht interior applications in the Marine industry. M50 has been developed with an exceptional high tack and long open time making it suitable for bonding a variety of materials including carpet, foams and fabrics and many others. M50's aggressive high tack allows for single-sided bonding in low demand upholstery seating areas for seat backs and bases.

TensorGrip® M38 Non-MECL PU Spray Adhesive is a revolutionary, high performance plasticiser resistant adhesive, specially formulated to bond all commonly used substrates found within the Marine industry. The M38 will bond vinyl, synthetic leathers and plastics, as in the past this was not possible because of the leeching plasticisers migrating from the vinyl's causing delamination when using a trinational contact adhesive. M38 is unique due to it capability to bond foams and fabric single sided when in conjunction with nip rollers.


TensorGrip - TC10 - Mould Deck High Grab Spray Adhesive is a fast drying contact adhesive with good heat resistance. It is suitable for bonding a variety of materials to sheet timber, metal and some hard plastics. Immediate permanent bonds can be achieved by double-sided applications on most substrates.

TensorGrip - TC20 - EPS Plug Build Foam Adhesive is a high performance, polyurethane foam adhesive. TC20 is designed to work in conjunction with TC30 or as a stand-alone product. The bond strength and compatibility with polystyrene makes this product the perfect partner when bonding blocks of polystyrene together or to the sub-deck.

TensorGrip - TC30 - EPS Plug Build Contact Adhesive is a high performance and pressure sensitive polystyrene compatible adhesive, which can be used in conjunction with TC20 or as a standalone product. If you've ever wondered what glue to use on polystyrene, the incredible tack and compatibility of TC30 makes it the perfect partner when bonding blocks of polystyrene together or to the sub-deck. If using this product in conjunction with TC20, it can be applied to the face ends of the large format blocks to give immediate bonding. 


TensorGrip - TC41 - Infusion RTM Mould Spray Adhesive is designed or the infusion mould market. This is a high performance, solvent -based polymer adhesive in a pressurised canister delivery system. TensorGrip® TC41 is specifically designed to hold reinforcing fibres in place during the infusion process, without effecting the finished surface or mould. TensorGrip® TC41 combines super tack and long open time to make large flat, less demanding applications be completed minimal time waste. 

TensorGrip - TC42 - Super HS Infusion RTM Adhesive is designed for the infusion mould market. This product is a high performance, solvent-based polymer adhesive in a pressurised canister delivery system. TensorGrip® TC42 is specifically designed to hold reinforcing fibres in place during the infusion process of the resin without affecting the surface finish or structural integrity, ideal for vertical and horizonal applicationtions. TensorGrip® TC42 is compatible with polyester, styrene and vinyl ester resins. This adhesive has also been successfully tested with epoxy resins using less than 9 grams of adhesive per sqm. 

TensorGrip - TC43 - Superweb Infusion Spray Adhesive is a super tacky, heavy mat spray adhesive. Designed to give ultimate grab and performance with minimal adhesive applications, for demanding and deep crevice applications. If you have a problem with heavy mats and hull infusion in and around the bow area, TensorGrip® TC43 is your answer! 

TensorGrip TC50 - Epoxy Infusion/RTM Spray Adhesive is a high tack, fast dry mist spray adhesive. TC50 is designed specifically to hold carbon fabrics in place during the infusion process. It can be used in both single and double-sided applications. TC50 is compatible with epoxy resins to ensure that there are no imperfections caused.

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About TensorGrip

Tensor Global is an innovative manufacturer of adhesive and tool systems, each made with you in mind.
The secret to our success is you, the customer. When you browse our site, we aim to provide you with everything you need – and exceed your expectations of industrial adhesives and tools.
With manufacturing and distribution hubs in three locations across the globe, we service any customer requirement from almost anywhere in the world. Glues and adhesive tools aren't border-specific, which is why we strive to provide the finest service whether you're in the UK, Australia, the USA or hundreds of other regions.

About Quin Global

Quin Global is a global manufacturer of adhesive and tool systems. With our customers' needs in mind, we manufacture and distribute our innovative products and formulations from three strategic locations across the globe – Perth, UK; Omaha, USA & Canberra, Australia. Our products are sold globally through a network of almost 100 national and independent distributors, many of which have multiple locations.
At Quin Global we take pride in our work. That's why our entire process is completed in-house and on-site. From initial concept, to the adhesive landing on the distributors' shelf, we do it all ourselves so we can give customers our personal seal of approval on every product.
We believe that our strong, global network provides peace of mind to our customers, whatever their location, that they will receive a high-quality product with the best customer service in the industry.


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