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Our time at Interzum

It was weeks of planning, teamwork and suspense which all came together and resulted in a fantastic and brilliantly successful tradeshow in Germany! Interzum is the largest show we have attended this year and are proud to say we were part of it. We approached this show in a slightly different way to others we have done before. This was a chance to showcase Quin Global in all its glory and promote our full product offering in front of a big audience.

Interzum is the world's leading tradeshow for furniture and interior design so we primarily focused on our TensorGrip brand,but we also presented our other brands of adhesive, QDEK, Gekko and Bullet Bond which we also manufacture. A team of 15 attended the show and we had the perfect blend of Sales, Customer Experience, Marketing, Innovation and product expertise. We also partnered with Merit Display to create a stand that would support the team in showcasing the brands, product demonstrations and meetingswith new and existing customers. It looked fantastic and was a huge success. A big thank you to Merit Display who did an outstanding job bringing our stand vision to life.

Tradeshows are a key part in us interacting with the market and an effective way to demonstrate not only our products,but the type of company we are, our mission and our culture while also offering us a chance to explore the market, be inspired by upcoming trends and connect with other people, skills and companies across the industry.We are already planning our next tradeshows and hope they can top the successful time we had at Inetrzum.

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