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New Products in the TensorGrip Range

At W16 earlier this month, we launched three brand new products to the TensorGrip Joinery range: L19, L24 and L90.

Just like the rest of Tensor's adhesives, these products fulfil a specific need in the woodworking industry.  However, in a first for the joinery range, these products have been developed in conjunction with industry leaders, who we had identified as missing out on an adhesive developed specifically for their applications and substrates.

TensorGrip L19 Formica Approved High Performance Laminate and Edging Adhesive

In conjunction with Formica, we have created TensorGrip L19, a laminate and edging adhesive which is fast drying, with good heat resistance and provides a guaranteed bond on Formica’s ColorCore, Magnetic Laminate, Fundamentals, Ligna and DecoMetal ranges.


TensorGrip L90 HP High Solid Surface Contact Adhesive developed with Westag

Working with Westag, TensorGrip L90 has been created specifically to bond solid surface materials as well as acrylic based surface materials, and Westag have confirmed this adhesive for use on their 3mm and 10mm Getacore sheets.


TensorGrip L24 High Performance Veneer Adhesive

Finally, we have added a veneer adhesive to the range, TensorGrip L24, which provides a water resistant, lacquer resistant, high heat resistant and immediate, bond.  Who was our partner in creating this adhesive?  We’ll tell you soon!


If you would like more information on these adhesives, or if you would like a demonstration, please click here to contact a member of our technical team.

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