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Meet Rob Halverson, Sales Director!

Our new sales director, Rob Halverson, is a down-to-earth type whose life's work has centered around one main goal: helping people. While always striving to push clients to the next level of success, his ultimate focus is building a global sales network for the company and establishing Quin as a household name. While that may sound like lofty goals for some, Rob is just the right guy for the mission.

What Started You on this Career Path? 

Rob, a California native, began his corporate journey as a franchisee for Snap-on Incorporated. Spending 27 years with Snap-on, Rob advanced through a myriad of positions from Franchisee to Field manager, Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Regional Recruiting Manager, and Business manager to Asset manager where he specialized in conflict resolution and business counseling for franchise owners. Despite a very loaded schedule, Rob succeeded at earning his degree by attending night school.

What Do You Like About This Industry?

Rob considers himself a life-long student, one who is always learning about various industries, and looking for new ways to apply his talents. He sees tremendous potential for Quin's sector and is eager to shape a sales team that can actualize that vision. "The adhesive industry is wide open," says Halverson, "the sky is the limit. It's far from being saturated, so there is room for exponential growth."

Why Work for Quin Global?

"The culture at Quin is what drew me here. They live by their motto 'Be Better Every Day.' There are no egos at Quin, just excellent people making great products," says Halverson. "I wasn't looking for a new job when this opportunity presented itself. I just wanted to know more about their company, and a conversation ensued," added Rob. Halverson sees Quin as a company that is innovative, environmentally friendly, and forward thinking. Rob would like to help grow and market Quin by sharing what a great organization it is.

What Is the Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?

Rob simply likes to work with people. His goal is to help people attain sustainable success. "You always have to listen. When you discover what's important to a customer, you can then determine the best way to help," says Halverson. "Helping people achieve their goals allows us to achieve ours." I really enjoy every minute of what I do," adds Rob.

What Are You Doing When You Are Not at Work?

Rob has many interests and hobbies. On a warm, sunny day you might find him doing a landscape project in his yard. He loves motorcycles and cars (but now he would rather look at them than build them). He enjoys various sports such as baseball, but his true love... is his wife, his two children, and three grandchildren. Rob has relocated multiple times over the years from California, Washington, Reno, and Denver before finally settling in Omaha. Now that the grandbabies are here, Nebraska is home.

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