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Father's in sticky situations

To celebrate Father’s Day this year we wanted to find out more about what makes the father's at Quin Global tick. We filmed three father's talking about what parenthood is really like, what the best bits are and what their roles are here at Quin. Children and adhesives are never a good mix and each father shared with us their experiences and stories of their own sticky situations in work and with their children.  

First we talked to Iain who is the Operations Technician in production and chatted about his role and what the best bits about being a parent are.  Interested in ginger wigs and hanging cars by adhesive? Check out what he had to say in his video below.

Next we filmed Carl who is the Enterprise Business Director and one of the family owners chatting about his role, his children and his top tip for everyone on adhesives. Find out about gluing together playmobil with our adhesives and changing lightbulbs in his video below.


Finally we spoke to Gregg on the sticky situation he found himself in while making easter bonnets with tensorgrip F40 with his eldest, lunching on midget gems and playing wrestling with his two children.  Check out his blog here.

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