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Can I get a Time Machine please? I need to save my knees!

Can I get a time machine please I need to save my knees?

When you think about time what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it having significant economic value such as 'time is money' and the awareness that each human only has a limited time in their life spans. Or is it that instant connection to time travel? If you are anything like me then the answer is definitely time travel! Who wouldn't want to be able to control time by going into a time travel machine and then been taken over by lots of dalecks. OK we may scrap the dalecks but time travel itself has been a plot in fiction since the 19th century as it captures the imagination. I'm sure that many a floor contractor would jump up and down at the thought of been handed a time travel machine, so they can control time! In today's blog we are going to be talking about how using the right adhesive can save you time in the long run. We will then go onto how Gekko which is brand of Quin Global can save you time and help your knees in the long run. Gekko is the flooring division of Quin Global. is So why not join us on our journey through time!

How does time connect with adhesive?

With time being arguably one of the most precious commodities available to any flooring contractor, many will be pleased to hear about how the Gekko G67 Spray Tackifier is saving users so much time (and worry). This means they are able to focus more on running their business and not fret about whether they should be on site, putting together a quote, visiting a new client, paying a trip to the merchant, chasing up payment or making sure materials are on site at the right time.
A unique feature of G67 is the ability to lay down carpet tiles even when the adhesive is still wet. Traditional Tackifiers have to be left as much as 30 – 45 minutes to tack off if you don't want a permanent bond. Not so with G67, you can lay tiles into the wet adhesive and still have a releasable bond when it has dried.

So what are the health benefits?

G67 is a fantastic development for flooring contractors. As well as saving time and money the Gekko spray system's ergonomic design has major benefits from a health and safety perspective. The upright design means that the operator no longer has to kneel down on the floor to apply tackifier.
Surveys have indicated that for more than 40% of the working day a floor layer is involved in a knee-straining activity. One of the most common knee injuries as a result of this repetitive straining is Osteoarthritis which, as quoted by a government report, "Is characterised by destruction of the cartilage surrounding knee joints and various alterations to the bond and the join space between bones. The main symptoms include knee pain, knee swelling, stiffness and reduced mobility"

What are the issues that floorers are facing at the moment?

So the universal request throughout this industry is: "is there any way round this"? Obviously, an inherent part of laying a floor is the need to be on the floor to do the job, and even with a creative imagination as to what innovative minds might be able develop, this is likely to still be the case for the foreseeable future. But we all have a responsibility to do what we can to improve the lives of these workers, whose finished product we take for granted. The same government report lists five preventative measures, in two main groups, which are recommended for consideration;

The first group is about eliminating the risk through redesign, examples of which are:
• Redesign of the carpet laying tasks, so that the work can be done standing. Research shows this does reduce knee pain, however its introduction required good collaboration between employers and workers.
• Arrange the pathways and surfaces so that the risks of slipping, tripping falling will be reduced.

The second group of measures are about reducing exposure. This can be achieved through wearing personal protective equipment and the literature suggests the following three options could be considered, although their effectiveness in reducing the incidence of OA is unproven.

• Knee pads are useful for protection of the knee while kneeling on hard floor surfaces, but they do not mitigate the risks of extreme flexion of the knee.
• Limb support devices can be an effective intervention against lower limb disorders in occupational workplaces or the aggravation of injury, particularly against knee injury.
• Manual handling aids can minimise lower limb injuries. But there is evidence that they may not be used. Also, the presence of wires and cables on the floor may make it impracticable.

Final Thoughts

We may not be able to time travel just yet but our adhesive is the next best thing! G67 gives you that time back, as you no longer have to wait 30-45 minutes for the adhesive to tack off. The main health benefit is getting the operator off the floor as the upright design means they no longer have to kneel down on the floor to apply Tackifier. This obviously leads to less strain on the knees and a quicker application, now who wouldn't want that.

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