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Behind the Scenes at Quin Global - Father's Day

To celebrate Father’s Day this year we wanted to find out more about what makes the fathers at Quin Global tick.   We went behind the scenes in production, sales and spoke with some of the family owners to find out what they like about their jobs, what’s it like being a father and what are the main things people really need to know about adhesives. You may be surprised by the answers and what you can really do with our adhesives. 

The filming for all partners was a lot of fun though like any filming not everything went to plan - especially when you include a two-year-old and a four-year-old!  Quin Global America filmed 3 generations of fathers, Richard, Jon and Matt, who talked about the advantages of a family-run business.  They also covered what they have learnt from working together over the years and how Matt always seems to be the one who ends up covered in glue! Matt’s daughters also made a cameo and who caused a lot of amusement during filming which gave it a real family feel.      

Quin Global Australia also joined in on the action by going behind the scenes in the warehouse.  Luke was the nominated individual this time around and spoke about his family and what it was like being a working father, particularly around managing time between work and family

Finally, Quin Global UK went behind the scenes in Sales and Production to find out what really made them tick. Carl, Iain and Gregg all chatted about their roles, what being a father is really about and the sticky situations they have all been in at some point or another.

All the films show that here at Quin Global we really care and value others and we strive to treat our people and our customers with loyalty, honesty and integrity. Whether we are in Australia, UK or the US it doesn’t matter as we are all part of a bigger team that works towards a common goal. We would like to thank all the fathers that took part in the making of these films and wish you all a Happy Father’s Day!  Why not check out all the films below!


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