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A day in the life of Gregg

A Day in the life of Greg

I am originally from Nottingham and live there with my wife and two children.  I did attempt a sojourn into the northern regions but felt that life with 10 cows and a few chickens was perhaps a little lonely and returned back to Nottingham.  I am the youngest of my family and have always liked children, however, I also liked the fact that you could hand them back. I then went on to have my own and obviously couldn’t hand them back but have loved every minute of it and wouldn’t change it for all the adhesives in the world!

I originally started work at Canect where I worked in manufacturing and then moved into the sales side.  This was on a self-employed basis where I sold the products on behalf of the manufacturer. I am very much self-made and received no formal training and learnt the skills and experience I have on my journey to where I am today.  I moved to Quin around 2 years ago as I kept bumping into them and as they kept stealing my customers I thought if you can’t beat them you might as well join them. 

One of my main drivers is gaining new business accounts, and managing current customers is also a key part to my work. The main part to my job is getting on the road and meeting new people, which I enjoy. 

A typical day in my life is getting out of bed early in the morning and heading to the gym. After this I hit the road where on average I can travel between 100-200 miles to visit 4 to 5 customers and fit in around 5 calls a day with a lunch of midget gems and an energy drink thrown in whenever I can make it. The main challenges I find during my job are getting customers to transition from cheap adhesives to good quality adhesives.  Education to customers on what decent adhesives are and understanding that glue isn’t just glue is key for me. As I enjoy my job, its sometimes difficult for me to find the right work/life balance and leaving work at work as I sometimes have the bad habit of checking and responding to emails at home.

In my spare time, I spend time at the gym and with my kids. My kids also love to play wrestle so we spend a lot of time doing manoeuvres such as suplexs, don’t worry no children were harmed during these wrestle matches! This moves quite nicely onto the challenges of being a father as it can be very frustrating and challenging at times, but very rewarding when they achieve things such as their first words, steps and obviously wrestling moves. 

One of my first experiences with my eldest using adhesive was making Easter bonnets using Tensorgrip F40 .  We had a great time sticking down lots of Easter bunnies, chicks and getting ourselves completely covered in brightly coloured bits of paper. The final result might have been a bit atrocious but my son loved it!

Overall I would say the experience of been a father is a lot like making Easter bonnets, its messy, sticky, frustrating when things don’t go right but so satisfying when it all comes together.

What would you tell your teenager self? - Be a lone wolf and go it alone as life begins after you leave school.

-If a child came up to you for advice and you only had a few minutes to give them your best tip, what would be? – If you think you can do it you can.

-What advice would you give to expectant fathers? – No one is perfect so take it day by day.

3 things you need to know about adhesives

  1. High tack adhesives don’t necessarily mean they are the strongest
  2. Never put contact adhesives together when they’re wet
  3. To get a smooth flat finish use lots of thin layers rather than thick layers.

More on Gregg.

Gregg is a Business Development Manager at Quin Global and covers the UK.

Why not check Gregg out on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregg-rhodes/


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