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A Healthier Alternative to Floor Adhesive Anyone?

A Healthier Alternative Anyone?

When you get home from a long day at work the first port of call is always the cupboards, come on who won't own up to grabbing a handful of chocolate buttons or a packet of crisps on your way to sinking into the sofa. While those thoughts of healthy eating may briefly enter your head while driving home, the instant you set foot in the house your first port of call is always the chocolate or crisps draw! Admit it were all guilty of it! However, there comes a time when an alternative is required that is not only healthy but filling at the same time. Calling the kale chips, OK they may not be for everyone, but they are still filling and are a great alternative to the sugar and fat filled snacks we are usually so inclined to go for. Like everything sometimes, the alternative seems out there but in reality, are really not half as bad as you originally thought. In today's blog we are going to be talking about Gekko G67 which is a great solution for the flooring industry and also eco-friendly and non-flammable. Gekko is the flooring division of Quin Global UK.

So what is the problem?

As rules and regulations get tighter and more controlled in the Construction Industry, finding a cost-effective, easy to use and fast tacking tackifier for carpet tile installation is becoming more difficult. Many contractors would be using either a water-based hand roller applied tackifier which takes a long time to tack off, or a solvent based spray tackifier which is very quick and cost effective, but is flammable and can be refused on site by some contractors. The industry has been crying out for an adhesive solution to this conundrum.

Enter G67!

Recognising this problem, Gekko, together with Quin Global, have developed a tackifier which uses the benefits of both types of product into one – a water-based (eco-friendly and non-flammable), sprayable (fast and cost-effective) tackifier. Ideal for large areas, the spray pattern G67 snowflakes across the area to be bonded and the coverage of each 22ltr canister is 800 square meters. Furthermore, carpet tiles can be laid into the adhesive wet, unlike traditional tackifiers, and still give a releasable bond.

Why do we care about your health?

Part of Quin Global UK  values is to care and value others, and as such, we want to promote a healthier adhesives to products that contain dichloromethane. With the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) now checking up on the safety of workshops more frequently there has been more of a demand for products that are a healthier alternative.

The HSE has also now become a profit-making organisation. This has meant they are much more proactive in stopping people from using harmful products. Using our products from the outset could save you a lot of time and money when they HSE knock on your door and have a look at what products you are using.

All our healthier adhesives are developed to pose the lowest possible hazards to your health. This means the risk phrases we need to display on the canisters are as low as possible, as is the Volatile Organic Content (VOC) which is especially important for parts of Europe. Non- chlorinated adhesives also void the need of phrases like H351 which states suspected of causing cancer.

Final Thoughts

With problems such as long tack off times and flammable adhesives that can be refused on site by some contractors, the industry was really crying out for a healthier, non-flammable and quicker solution. That is why G67 is such a great solution as it uses the benefits of both types of product into one – a water-based (eco-friendly and non-flammable), sprayable (fast and cost-effective) tackifier. With more healthier adhesives becoming available it's no surprise that more people are wanting to switch across, especially when they perform just as well. Very like the kale crisps that we all think look a bit suspicious but are surprising tasty and once you have started you never go back!

Interested in finding out more about Gekko? For further information call 0844 915 0159 or e-mail sales@gekkoindustries.co.uk or see www.gekkoindustries.co.uk

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