Christmas Toy Appeal

in association with Quin Global

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Suitable gifts

We are looking for new gifts for boys and girls from the age of 0-18. Clothes and sweets can be included but please do not include baby food.


Send it to quin

The presents should all be unwrapped. Please drop off or send any toy donations to the below address. All toys should be dropped off or sent to us by Monday 17th December.


Charity collection

We will arrange for Help for Kids to collect all the toys donated and arrange distribution to the local children of Perth and Dundee just in time for Christmas.

Our Location


Quin Global UK, Ruthvenfield Avenue, Inveralmond Industrial Estate, Perth. PH1 3WB

Help For Kids

"Help for Kids is a local children's charity based in the heart of Dundee. We are facilitated through a partnership between radio station Wave 102 and Overgate Dundee. Our primary aim is to support local children through the provision of individual funding, as well as funding for clubs and organisations.

The support we provide is targeted to cases where children are disadvantaged through social and economic circumstances, or through health and disability.Our support is focused on children from birth all the way up to 18 years old, but we are not limited by this age bracket.

Help for Kids works directly with communities, families, support workers, volunteers and professionals to be able to provide the best and most effective support to the children who need it most. Getting involved in this way gives us a real sense of the needs of the children we are helping"

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Quin Global

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Help for Kids on their Christmas Toy Appeal. All toys donated go to local children who are disadvantaged through social and economic circumstances, or through health and disability. Why not join us by donating a toy to give all children a magical Christmas this year.”

Quin Global is a global manufacturer of adhesive and tool systems. With our customer's needs in mind, we manufacture and distribute our innovative products and formulations from three strategic locations across the globe – Perth, UK; Omaha, USA & Canberra, Australia. Our products are sold globally through a network of almost 100 national and independent distributors.

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If you have any questions about the campaign please get in touch. Select an app and message us direct.


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