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We care about the environment and strive to reduce our impact on the planet.

From our zero-waste, eco-friendly and widely recyclable products, to motion sensor lighting in our custom-built offices, we lead by example.

No-Waste Products

Our aerosols and canisters have unique technology which means every drop of the adhesive you purchase is picked up for your use. With no wasted product, you don't have to buy as many canisters, and you save money!

Environmentally Friendly Products

We offer a range of adhesives which are California Compliant, Zero-VOC or low odour, all intended to reduce harmful chemicals being released into the air.

Recyclable Packaging

Our products are packaged in completely recyclable materials. Our 500ml aerosols are easily recycled by storing with other empty aerosols, segregated from your other waste, and arranging for collection from your local waste recycling company. Our 22 litre canisters can also be recycled by following the steps in our video here, and our larger 110 litre canisters can be returned to us when you are finished, so we can refill them, ready for our next customer.


It's not just through our products that we aim to get "green"! Our custom-built offices have motion sensor lighting, to help us use less electricity. We have a "power off" button which shuts down the electricity to our building (except our alarm!) when the building is closed. And finally, we encourage recycling with recycling points in our kitchen, offices and warehouse to reduce the waste we send to landfill.