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Welcome to Quin Global UK!


Our UK headquarters are based in Perth, Scotland, and from here we manufacture products for the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia! We also have offices in Ipswich and Gloucester as a base for our sales reps, who travel the world demonstrating our products.


Quin UK develop and manufacture both branded and private label adhesive solutions. Our brands include Tensor, the industrial strength canister spray adhesives, Gekko, a wall cladding and wooden flooring adhesive, Q-Dek roofing adhesive, and Flexi, a flooring adhesive suitable for carpet, vinyl and more. Our private label adhesives are developed and branded to the client's specifications, so you can have Quin-quality adhesives for your own brand!


Quin Global don't just sell adhesive systems, we provide a complete service from each location. Quin UK has its own devoted Research and Development team, Production and Warehousing facilities, and dedicated Sales, Marketing and Customer Service teams.


The Quin Global team are motivated and committed to serving our customers. In Quin UK alone, you have access to the experience and skills of almost 30 individuals across our departments. Wherever you are in the world, our team are waiting to help!