Quin Global - industrial adhesive and tool systems

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Quin Global is a global and innovative manufacturer of adhesive and tool systems with your needs in mind.

In fact 'Providing what you need is our priority, exceeding what you expect is our goal'

Our global operation includes manufacturing and major distribution hubs in five strategic locations, with the ability to service our customer's requirements globally.

Manufacturing products in the pre-pressurised Canister system is a historical and major part of the current Quin global operation, and with innovative and unique products & formulations we can offer you with products providing optimum performance in a wide variety of applications across many industrial market sectors such as Joinery, Marine, Aerospace, Insulation, Roofing, Flooring and many more. The Pre-pressurised canister delivery concept is a clear winner for users in these areas offering efficient, fast application and economies, without sacrificing quality.

Bespoke is also an option; if you require a unique colour or a slight deviation on the norm we can explore ways to create unique products to your specific requirements.

Our Customer Support team are Focused on providing our customers with a total experience; they are fully trained, experienced personnel engaged to fulfil our vision of giving you the harmony you require to make every day a success, and our focus of ensuring the use of our products is an enjoyable experience.