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Providing what you need is our priority, exceeding what you expect is our goal

Quin Global manufacture a variety of industrial strength canister spray adhesives. We provide both branded products, such as our TensorGrip and Gekko adhesives, and private label adhesives. Our full range of services include:.

Research & Product Development

We have a unique way of working. We work back from the needs of the customer to create a product that solves their particular problem, and not the other way around.

We also manufacture the products ourselves in our custom-built and state of the art production facilities. If you require a bespoke product, put us to the challenge of creating it for you!


We don't just create products; we create technology to make our products even better.

Co-Rez technology is a formulation we developed which provides more glue from each canister, resulting in a 15% increase in coverage!

We also developed the only truly Zero Flam adhesives on the market. Our zero-flam, zero-flam formulation consists of a completely non-flammable adhesive solution and gas matrix. You may not realise that every other non-flammable adhesive on the market use flammable gas in the canisters – but not at Quin Global!

In-House Laboratory

Once we have created the product, we test, test, test it!

We have a brand new laboratory created specifically for testing our products. No product makes it to market until we are satisfied, so you have our personal seal of approval! Not only that, as we test the product ourselves, we completely understand each and every product's capabilities and limitations, so you can absolutely trust the advice we give you, too!

In-House Manufacturing

Once the product has been fully tested and we understand it completely, we continue to produce it in house.

We don't rely on external factories with other priorities - we make it. And we know how much we have of every product at any given time and, therefore, we know when we can get that urgent order out to you.

Warehousing and Logistics

Once we've started producing the product, we even store it on-site in our purpose built warehousing facilities. This means when you place an order, we pick it from the shelves ourselves, normally on the same day, and we get it out to you as soon as possible.

Customer Support

Our duty of care doesn't end when you receive the product either. We offer truly individualised customer support in a range of contact methods so you can chat to us in whatever way is most convenient.

Marketing and Sales

You'd prefer your own branded adhesive, but still want Quin quality? No problem. Our in-house marketing team will create a brand for you and provide all the promotional materials you'll need to get the product off the ground. Not sure how best to sell it? Book a training day with us, and our sales team will pass on all the knowledge we have to make your product a success!